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Street Address:(East Area)Fumin Industrial Park, Moushan Town
Contact Person:Mr. Yusheng Deng

Selected Products of Yuyao Songyuan Motor Vehicle Safety Belts Co., Ltd.

Two-Pt Retractable Safety
Two-pt Retractable Safety Belts, Good Quality, Universal Used.
Full Set Safety Belts-3
High Quality Request Result in Safety Driving.
Full Set Safety Belts-2
Standard Strength: 28000N Standard Length: 3100mm Color: Black, White, Silver, Grey ... Webbing Material: Polyster Frame Material: 45# steel Main Plastic Material: Abs,
Full Set Safety Belts
Good Quality, Competitive Price, Used Convenient and Safety.
Shoulder Belts
With both webbing sensitivity and vehicle sensitivity. Your reliable safeguard when driving.
Three-Point Emergency-Loc
Emergency-Locking 3-Pt Sa
With both vehicle and webbing sensitive.Assembly performance comply with ECE R16.04.Ajustable according to customer.
Simple 2-Point Seat Belt
Universal for Passenger BusesGood Quality Good PriceSafeguard for Drivers
Simple 2-Point Seat Belt
Universal for Passenger BusesGood Quality Good PriceSafeguard for Drivers
Three-Point Emergency-Loc
Used In Cars Good Quality with Good PriceThe Safeguard for Drivers
Simple 2-Point Seat Belt
Universal for Passenger BusesFalse-Save BuckleGood Quality Good PriceSafeguard for Drivers
Simple 2-Point Seat Belt
Universal for Passenger BusesGood Quality Good Price
Simple 2-Point Seat Belt
Universal for Passenger Buses
Car Seat Belts
Pretension Seat Belts, Supply the drivers with reliable Safety.
Safety Belts Components
high accuracy high precision. Produced and designed in own housing.
Load-Limited Seat Belts
Specs:1.Length: 300-350cm2.Width: 47cm3.Function: Load-Limited4.Advantage: Reliable Quality.
Ha301 Elr Car Safety Belt
we are the professional producer of car safety belts, we would like to develop products according to you request.
Elr Retractor-031409
Stock Available 300pieces.
3-Point Emergency Locking
We have specialized in the car safeyt belts industry for more than 14 years. We always keep supply the Safety Belts with the best quality.
Safety Belt Buckle 090108
Yuyao Songyuan Specialzing in the Seat Belts Production for about 20 years, we keep always supply the best quality products.
Seat Belt Buckles 070408
Car Safety Belt BuckleLength:335mmColor: As Per PictureApplicable: Commercial Vehicles
Ha301 Elr Car Safety Belt
we are the professional producer of car safety belts, we would like to develop products according to you request.
Height Adjuster
Specialized in the production of vehicle safety belts manufacturers.
Ha200 Simple Two-Point Sa
Certificate: CCC, E-Mark Administer Standard: GB14166-2003; GB8410-2006 Delicate design and fine craftsmanship, competitive priceAdvanced, scientific and mechanized manufactureEasy and comfort to useWith great reputation and customers satisfactions The customer himself keeps the right of offering requirements on our products processing techniques. (Details on design and new products development can be discussed)
Car Safety Belt
comfort, security, apply to cars and passenger cars etchigh quality and competitive pricedesignation details can be discussed according to your needwelcome to your contact
Simple Two-Point Safety B
Apply to automobiles,passanger cars etc.Designation details can be discussed.Specialized in the production of vehicle safety belts manufacturers.With CCC and E-mark certificate.
Simple Two Point Safety B
Certificate: CCC , E-MarkAdminister Standard:GB14166-2003; GB8410-2006Endurance , High security, stablityComfort, and easy to useApply to cars, passenger cars, etc. The customer self keeps the rights of offering all the requirments on our products processing technics.
Car Belt
simple two-point safety beltshigh quality and competitive priceapply to cars, passenger cars etcwelcome your contact
Car Safety Belt
high quality and competitive pricecar and strap sensitivedesignation details can be discussed according to your needwelcome your contactplease remember to fasten your life belt
Car Safety Belt
retractor two-point safety belt emergence locking functionhigh quality,economical price
Three-Point Emergency Loc
Apply to automobiles, cars, passenger cars etc.Designation details can be made according to customers requirements.Specialized in the production of vehicle safety belts manufacturers.With CCC; E-mark; ISO9001-2000; TS16949:2002 certificate. The safety belt for automobile use is a kind of device that can effectively protect the passengers when traffic accident occurs1) Always wear your seat belt when the vehicle is in operation 2) Adjust and wear the lap belt portion low and snug across your hips 3) Each belt is intended to restrain only one person at a time. Do not put two people under one belt 4) Never attempt to restrain a child in your lap using the 3-point retractable seat belt around both you and the child. The child could be severely injured or even killed in the event of a collision 5) Seat belts are matched sets. Do not mix or use this belt or parts of this harness with other types of seat belts

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