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Street Address:Kaiyang Road No 100 , Pingyang Country, Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province. China
Contact Person:Ms. Shirley Yu

Selected Products of Wenzhou Mingfa Optics Plastics Co., Ltd.

Pumping Magnifier
C140: the material is ABS and PMMA. It is a good promotional gift.
Handle Telescope
B114: the material is PMMA and ABS. It is a useful toy for kid and students.
Camera Lenses
F106: the material is acrylic.
Db215 Magnifier
DB215: the material is pvc. The size is 300mm x 195mm. It can be used for reading a full page of book and can magnify large area
Db203 Newspaper Fresnel M
DB203: the material is pvc and the size is 135mm x 95mm. The magnification is 3x. It is popular and valuable.
Db218 Bookmark
DB218: the material is pvc. the size is 160mm x 38mm. The magnification is 3x. If any detail information please contact me.
Pumping Magnifier With Le
size : 135.5X60cm,magnify 300%
Pumping Magnifier With Le
Size : 135.5X60cm,magnify 300%
Bookmark Magnifier
Size : 189X65cm, magnify 300%. The size can be reduced if you want.
Bookmark Magnifier
Size : 189X65cm, magnify 300%. The size can be reduced if you want.
Bookmark Magnifier
Size : 160X52cm
Fresnel Magnifier
Size : 135X95cm.
DB220: the material is pvc. the size is 200*130mm.
Fresnel Magnifier
DB203: the material is pvc. The size is 135mm X 95mm. It is especially used when people are reading newspapers
Big Bookmark Magnifier
DB205 : The size is 187mm X 65mm. The material is PVC. Pattern, logo and color are designed as customer required
Camera Lense
F104: the material is PMMA, the magnification is 3times. It is used for camera.
Bookmark Magnifier
Size : 180X120cm
Fresnel Magnifying Sheet
Size : 255X200cm,magnify 3X.
Fresnel Magnifying Sheet
Size : 200X130cm,magnify 300%.
Full-Page Magnifier
Full page flexible magnifier with 'soft-touch' frame for positioning and comfort. Hold a few inches above page to magnify subject matter. Ideal for magnifying text, small print, maps and documents. Keep one by the phone book! Viewing area 203X100/285X145mm with approx. 3x magnification.
Fresnel Magnifier
DB225: Material: PVC, Size: 70mm X 140mm. It magnify 3 times.
Magnifier Sheet
DB222:1.material is PVC 2. size:180mmX120mm 3.magnification:3XIf you have interest please contact me.
Big Bookmark Magnifier
DB210: the material is PVC. the size is 187mm X 65mm. Pattern and logo is designed as customers' required.
Pivoting Fresnel Magnifie
Use&amp;care instructions <p>The lighted pocket magnifier goes wherever you go!</p> <p>Its compact size makes this product a handy travel accessory.</p> <p>This card sized magnifier w/LED light comes with its own protective case, is perfect in your purse or wallet.</p> <p>Ideal for reading menus in dimly lit restaurants, bills, cell phone screens, or anything that has small print!</p> <p>Its good quality and workmanship has won a fame all over the world.</p> 3X Magnification strengthTO USE <p>Can be used with or without the LED light. To use the LED light, simply push the button located in the center of the light part, and the LED light will shine. The light part can be pivoted in 360 degrees to illuminate as you like.</p> <p>NOTE: Batteries that power the LED light are non-replaceable.</p> TO CLEAN <p>Simply wipe product with warm damp cloth ,wipe dry. DO NOT submerge product in water or use any household chemicals to clean it.</p>
Magnifier Of Black Handle
C139: the matrerial is PMMA and ABS. It diameter is 60mm. It magniy 3X. It is a good students study tools.
Map Magnifier (Db226)
DB226: material is PVC, size is 85X53mm, thichkenss is 0.5mm, magnification 3X. Pattern, logo, colour is available. It is ideal for reading books, menus, maps, cell phone screens and other small printings. As promotional gifts or souvenirs, it is usefull, beautifull, smart and economical. Do you like? You can contact me.
A4 Fresnel Magnifier Shee
DB229: 1.material is PVC, 2.size is 297*210mm 3.thickness is 0.7mm, 4.magnification is 3X. If you have interest please contact.
Mini Magnifier
C120 is pocket magnifier.Its size is 63X33mmThe material is PMMA. It is ideal for 6month-1years old baby. It is mini and lovely
Pocket Magnifier
C148 is pocket magnifier.The material is PMMA. It is ideal for 6month-1years old baby. It is mini and lovely.
Bookmark Magnifier/Fresne
DB205: 1. material: PVC 2. size: 189mm X 65mm 3. thickness: 0.5mm 4. magnification: 3XPattern, logo and color are designed as customers requiredIdeal for reading and good for propagandizing your company and brand.

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