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Province/State:Jakarta Raya
Street Address:Prapanca Raya Sreet 95 A Kebayoran Baru
Contact Person:Mr. Iqbal Parutang

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Fast T-Jet 3 Garment Prin
Detailed Product DescriptionFeatures:*Print Resolutions: 2880 X 1440dpi*1440 X 720dpi*720 X 720dpi Recommended for photographic detailed images.*360 X 360dpi Recommended for non-critical images.*Max. Printable Length: 22" (56cm) Without metal holding ring. 21. 5" (54. 5cm) With metal holding ring.Specifications:*Interface Ports: Parallel Interface, USB, IEEE1394 AC110v + 10% with power trans. Pre-installed*Power: 100-240v AC 60 / cycle 4 amps.*External Dimensions: Length: 36" (91. 4cm)*Width: 36" (91. 4cm)*Height: 21" (53. 3cm)*Due to the long bed travel, a total of 60 (152cm) clearance end-to-end is necessary.*Box dimension: Depth: 40 " (101. 6cm)*Width: 37" (94cm)*Height: 25" (63. 5cm)*Weight: 100 pounds (46kg)*Ink jet Engine: 8 color (4-CMYK 4-White)*180 nozzles per color.*Computer Connection: USB or Fire wire.*Additional machinery: Heat press / dryer, powerful PC computer for Fast ARTIST and Fast RIP*Recommended Environment: The printer will operate best in a clean, dust-free room at a steady temperature between*68Fand 85F (20C and 29C) , with relative humidity between 40% to80% (non-condensing) . Operation of the printer at humidity below40%humidity or above or below the recommended temperature rangewillresult in poor nozzle print performance and poor print imagequality.Package Includes:*1-Fast ARTIST*Acompletedesign program that is needed to create special under base andhighlightprinters. Works with Corel, Illustrator, Photo shop andFreehand imagesbut you must print from a Windows-based PC.*1-Fast RIP*Ourspecialsoftware printer driver that tells the printer how much whiteto print.Again, a must and part of the magic. Must print from aWindows-based PC.*1-1 gallon of Fast INK Textile Pre-Treatment.*The garments need to be pre-treated with this clean, non-toxic, odorless spray before printing. Simple and easy.*1-Continuous Flow Bulk Ink System.*1-T-Jet Power Sprayer for applying the Pre-Treatment*1-16oz Bottle of FastINK3 Textile White*1-8oz Bottle of FastINK3 Textile Cyan.*1-8oz Bottle of FastINK3 Textile Magenta.*1-8oz Bottle of FastINK3 Textile Yellow.*1-8oz Bottle of FastINK3 Textile Black.*1-Standard 13" x 18" Shirt Holder
Fast T-Jet 2 Digital Garm
Withthe Fast T-Jet 2 Digital Garment Printeryoucan print any image youcan see on a computer screen right onto agarmentin full, brightcolors. Shirts can be printed in as little asone minute,depending onthe size of the design.- Fast T-Jet 2 Digital Garment Printer - Model SDT-1200 - Completely Refurbished by our Factory Authorized Service Technicians- Two T-Jet 13" x 18" Shirt Holders- FastINK3 Textile 8 oz bottles of Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black Inks - NEW- Pretreatment 1 gallon - NEW- FastINK Textile 16 oz. bottle White Ink - NEW Bright White- T-Jet Power Sprayer (for Pre-Treatment)- FastARTIST Software Program (latest version 1.5.1 - with Dongle)- FastRIP T-Jet Software Program (latest version 9.0)
5 Meter 16. 4 Foot Solven
Detailed Product DescriptionIncludes multiple bottles of ink, multiple rolls of grand format media and spare parts. This machine is 6 foot deep, 21 foot wide, and 5 foot tall, weighs in at 4000 pounds.
Colorspan 72S Gator Wide
This printer is a 72S Gator from Colorspan. Webought it new in 2003 for$50,000+. It has 16 heads (4 colors per head)which means it's prettyfast. Can print up to 72" wide. We got greatuse out of it but havemoved on to newer technology. It has a bulk inkdelivery system (notcartridges). The printer is sold as-is. Buyer willneed to replace 4 - 5heads at about $1,200 per head. May need otherparts - we're not sure -but we can fire it up and print with it now.Without new heads, can onlyprint banners or billboards. Printer comeswith Colorspan RIP software.

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