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Street Address:1St Floor, Mistry Chambers, Nr. Cama Hotel, Khanpur,
Contact Person:Mr. Murtaza Sidhpurwala

Selected Products of Alexandra Scale Pvt. Ltd.

Tabletop Scale
Strong, Durable well finished metal body with low height and fully powder coated. Pole mounted revolving display firmly attached on backside of the scale ( standard). Bright Red LED - Six Digit dispaly for good visibility Strong ribbed full size L/D plate with rubber pads with stainless steel pan. All functions are available by four tactile keys provided on front panel. Customerhas choice to keep Automatic display Off or to decide the duration from1 to 9 minutes to save battery power even when the scale is On. Besides motherboard, advanced technological Hardware with inbuild single PCB for power & battery charger. Battery Backup facility and can be inserted inside the scale. 36 hours backup time. Auto Off function can even provide extra life to battery power. On / Off switch id provided for longer durability of scale & battery. Auto 0 function (user selectable) Auto Off Function ( user selectable) Auto Calibration with password. Available from 10 Kg. to 30 Kg. * Due to continous R&D efforts products specifications are subject to change without any prior notice.
Hanging Scale
Digital Medium Capacity Hanging Scale, Ideal for small stores, Industries. Available from 30 kg. to 500 kg.
Steelyard Scale
Portable easy to shift Streamline Finish Casted Frame in one piece for strength and stability Easy Zero adjustment Working parts hardened for maximum durability and accurate trouble free working of knife-edges and bearings Themachine is of heavy duty to ensure trouble free operation under Vigorous working conditions and indirect impact of load due to itsunique design Steelyard is graduated to its full capacity with notch protection bar for minimum wear & tear. * Due to continous R&D efforts products specifications are subject to change without any prior notice.
Loose Weight Mechanical S
Highly sensitive machine, due to precision workmanship. Light Weight and easily portable. Four wheels mounted on continous axles in machine. The machine is duco painted to give durable streamlined finish The box is casted one piece and designed to give maximum strength and stability for the working of two levers inside. Four locks provided on the lever to avoid re-adjustment of levers after carrying it from one place to another. The machine is fitted with easily readable steelyard graduated in metric standard of weight. The pillar is made of steel and is impervious to insects unlike wodden pillar. To make the machine easily portable the steelyard can be locked if desired. Thebalance can be adjusted by the operation of the screw fitted in the endof the steelyard in accordance with the weights and measures Act. The working parts of the machine are hardened upto 62 RC for maximum durability and accurate working. Available in following models Model Capacity Division Platform Size 786-300 300 kg. 100 g 635 x 406 mm. 786-150 150 kg. 100 g 580 x 370 mm. 786-100 100 kg. 50 g 410 x 330 mm.
Techni-Qa Height Weight
Weight Height BMI with Ideal Chart Thermal Printout Voice Instructions Calorie Guide Large Alphanumeric LCD display with Yellow Green Backlit. Ultrasonic Height Sensor Loadcell based weight measurement Ideal Values of BMI as per male and female. Vending Option Includes: Accounting Printout [customer printout & distributors printout] Master Password. a. Total Machine counter Reset b. Machine Number adjustment Slave password. a. Calibration b. Counter reset c. Date Time adjustment Coin signal adjustment Usage charges adjustment Coin capacity adjustment to adjust the message of COIN BOX FULL Coin Rejection Facility.

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